Sue Lindstedt
Just introduced to your work, small shop in Carlsbad, CA
Loved the Tide Reflections 40x60 on brushed aluminum. This will be perfect for desert home in La Quinta, we are just redesigning. Do you some desert scenes similar?
Nelson Calvert(non-registered)
Your pictures are amazing and you truly have a wonderful talent!
Jeoff Poldan(non-registered)
Carlsbad just got a new art gallery. Congratulations Jackson! The gallery looks great and wish you much success.
Erik Stendam(non-registered)
Saw the work at Relm the paintings in the back were my favorite. You should do more like that! Good luck with the rest of your show.
Ophilia Gratelin(non-registered)
Love the Laguna pictures you just took. The underwaters are so cool!
Sam Valence(non-registered)
Saw the water pictures from Laguna on Facebook! Can't wait to buy them.
Bridget Flessar(non-registered)
I am interested in some of the pieces you had framed in Carlsbad at the coffee house. I don't see the Scripps Pier piece offered is it still available?
Just started following you on Facebook and Instagram.
So many of these are great pictures and also great for my background like the "Palm Leaf".
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