So many of these are great pictures and also great for my background like the "Palm Leaf".
Do you have more black and whites that are not up yet? I really like them.
How are you getting those underwater shots?! I was never able to find the underwater life like you did in Hawaii when I went.
Jennifer Tilney(non-registered)
Love the new work you have been putting up! Cant wait to see more.
Monica Holmes(non-registered)
So glad they extended the Vinaka Show. Its the best art they have had up. Great work Jackson!
Lisa Blake(non-registered)
Beautiful work. Best wishes in Vinaka Cafe.
Sara Bosch(non-registered)
Love the colored waves at Vinaka Cafe. Do they come in any larger sizes?
Tonia Christofferson(non-registered)
Saw your post on facebook for your art to be up in Vinaka Cafe. I will be checking out soon. Best of luck to you.
Jennifer Parkard(non-registered)
Heard you gonna have an art show in Carlsbad soon. Where is the venue? Wanted to know if the Scripps Pier title will be on display?
Nathan Tullad(non-registered)
Cool North County picks. Where was the one taken that is posted on Surfline? It says Carlsbad..but where?
Keep up the good work.
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