Tonia Christofferson(non-registered)
Saw your post on facebook for your art to be up in Vinaka Cafe. I will be checking out soon. Best of luck to you.
Jennifer Parkard(non-registered)
Heard you gonna have an art show in Carlsbad soon. Where is the venue? Wanted to know if the Scripps Pier title will be on display?
Nathan Tullad(non-registered)
Cool North County picks. Where was the one taken that is posted on Surfline? It says Carlsbad..but where?
Keep up the good work.
Britney Kerington(non-registered)
Just saw your post of your art photography Bamboo on facebook. I luv it. The beach, ocean, and landscapes are all around us and you capture many of them. I want to see more of the seascape mixed media paintings too.

see ya soon Jackson Finn. cant wait for the 2013 show!

Britney Kerington
Emma Ryan(non-registered)
I absolutely love every single one of your pictures, especially the sunsets on the beach. Can't wait to see more!

Brian Kilmer(non-registered)

My wife just bought me one of your photos. I absolutely love it. It reminds me of our honeymoon we had in Hawaii. Keep up the good work.
Ashley Tericson(non-registered)

Love the tropical art images of the Turks and Caicos. I was just there and they are warm and inviting.


Vanessa Gilman(non-registered)
Nice work, like the abstract seascape pieces. How big are the wood mixed media panels?


Alsisa Keinas(non-registered)
artist jackson finn,

thank you for the inspirational pieces you have been recognized!

Please continue to send more my way.


Trent Alderich(non-registered)
Cool images and paintings. The mixed media pieces have a unique warmth about them.
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